narcoblogger has stepped into the breach left by Mexican journalists, who dare not report as they used to do. Thirty journalists have been killed in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon started his war on the drug cartels in 2006, making Mexico the most deadly country in Latin America for the media. Most are victims of the drug cartels, not caught in crossfire but targeted for reporting what is going on. Last month, four reporters from the central Mexican state of Durango were kidnapped after reporting a prison riot, which followed the revelation that the prison governor was allowing inmates to go out at night and commit murders. The journalists were freed only after their TV station agreed to broadcast a video, produced by one of the drug cartels, which showed corrupt policemen who were apparently working for a rival cartel. Today, attention has turned to Tamaulipas state where police have found 72 unburied bodies dumped on a ranch. They are presumably victims of the ever more vicious drug war, which in this part of Mexico pits Los Zetas against the Gulf Cartel. In recent weeks, the industrial city of Monterrey, Mexico’s wealthiest, has been almost brought to a standstill by cartel road blocks, kidnaps and gunbattles, following the murder of a local mayor. Police chiefs, political candidates and senior state officials are frequently targeted for assassination. The drug gangs are trying to seize the Mexican state, and closing down the media is just one part of their plan.

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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Hallan cuerpos descuartizados en Ixmiquilpan | Noticias |

Hallan cuerpos descuartizados en Ixmiquilpan | Noticias | "dismembered with a message allegedly organized crime, were found the bodies of two men in the community Fitzhi, in the municipality of Ixmiquilpan.

The bodies were found about 05:00 in the morning by staff of the Research Coordination, after receiving a call in which he reported the find.

Upon arriving in the area, noticed items that were located where the mutilated bodies of two men of arms, feet and head. According to authorities, the heads were wrapped with masking tape and one side was two cards with the legend 'cons welcome the appointment, the state of Hidalgo, allegedly signed by the Gulf Cartel and La Familia Michoacana.

After conducting the survey in the area, the bodies were lifted by the staff of the Attorney General's Office (PGJE) and transferred to Semefo."


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